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Sentosa Island

sunny 29 °C

Day two of waking up in the beautiful Raffles hotel! We are pretty excited to be here and we don't really want to leave. It's beautiful here and the service is wonderful. No wonder this is such an acclaimed hotel. It's so wonderful to be here with great friends!

We decided that today would be a good day to go check out Sentosa Island. It's gorgeous and sunny out, so we figured why not?!

To get to the Island you have to take the MRT to the Harbour Front Station where you take a Ferry across to the Island. Getting around the Island is really easy since there is a really good MRT system as well as buses around the Island. It's soooo gorgeous here! The first thing we did was go to the beach. There are three beaches on Sentosa Island and we went to Siloso Beach. It was freakin beautiful! Jenn was in heaven because there are volleyball nets all along the beach and she LOVES volleyball. There was a lot of activities to do other than Volleyball too, like canoeing, mountain biking and rollerblading. There are so many shops and restaurants on the beach too. It was so easy to stay there for the whole day. We had so much to do!

We saw a pretty, pretty dolphin!

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Birds, birds, everywhere!

overcast 22 °C

From staying at the Mitraa Hostel the first 2 nights, we decided to try a different type of accommodation, a little more high class.
Today we woke up with a cloudy forecast through our window at the Raffles Hotel. We loved our visit so much the day before and the service was so helpful that we decided to stay there for the night. Today was quite lazy, yet educational day at the Jurong Bird Park! It was not very nice weather so we thought it was an inside day today. We took the East West Green Line MRT from the hotel that goes straight to the Bird Park. We enjoyed seeing all the different types of birds. Ater the bird park we made our way back to the hotel and decided to check out the Raffles Hotel & Museum. On our tour we learned that the hotel and museum was built in 1896 by the Sarkies brothers. This tour ended an hour later and it was time for supper. We ate at the Raffles Grill, one of the dining halls in the hotel which served fabulous, gourmet meals. As we ate we sat by french windows overlooking the Palm Court. It was a french cuisine restaurant so we ordered a spread of baguettes, real butter, wine, cheese, and chicken kive. For desert we ordered chocolate raspberry mouse and by this time we were quite tuckered out for the evening. We went back to our hotel room and crashed! Good night! :)

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Nightlife in Singapore

Day 2

sunny 30 °C

After a long afternoon of shopping we decided it was time to get out and see the nightlife! It is GORGEOUS here at night. All the sights and sounds! We found our way to the Raffles Hotel, which we have learned is famous for the Singapore Sling - which is quite a popular drink AND quite delicious! We hung around in the lounge of the hotel and talked to some of the locals who were working there. They told us some of the must-see attractions in Singapore, which includes Sentosa Island. The waiter told us that Sentosa Island is quite popular and has a long sheltered beach and recently opened Universal Studios Singapore! We all got very excited for that and decided that was something we just HAD to go see.
Another attraction we were told to go visit was Jurong Bird Park. There are over 8,000 birds and 600 species in this park! That's a lot of birds. We all laughed because Jenn doesn't like birds, but we're making her go anyway.

After visiting this hotel and finding out all this incredible information and destinations to go visit we gave our thanks for the visit and decided to walk down Bugis Street to check out the shops. It's known for its cobblestone streets, glass-roofed Bugis Junction. We were shocked because Bugis Street is most reowned for its nightly parade of garishly dressed prostitutes. On our adventure down Bugis Street we ran into a club called Club 5. Needless to say we had a great time, drank the night away, and woke up the next morning feeling slight hungover. We needed some fresh air... dun dun dun stay tuned for day 3!

Bugis Street! What a fun night we had here.

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Breakfast and Shopping in Singapore

sunny 25 °C

It was gorgeous when we woke up this morning. It was so warm and sunny, with the sun shining right into our rooms which was so nice to wake up to. We all hung around the rooms talking for a while before we decided to go downstairs for breakfast. There was a large buffet which included some original Singapore dishes such as Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs. Kaya toast is really sweet but with the butter on top it makes for a nice mix of sweet and salty. It was delicious! We've heard that the right way to eat the Kaya toast is with a soft boiled egg and a cup of coffee.
There was also a nice lime drink that is quite popular in Singapore.
Joelle tried to tip the waiter, but he refused the tip - this is where we found out that tipping is frowned upon in Singapore.. who knew?

After breakfast we decided to go shopping. We went to Orchard Road which is the "quintessential retail focus of Singapore", so our guide book says. Nearly all of Orchard Road is easy to walk in and out of shops that line the road, but it got really hot and we went inside to some of the centers. One of the centers we went into was Far East Plaza, which was great for bargain finds! One of the finds we were able to grab were some necklaces and earrings of the Risis Orchid, which are hand crafted models of the national flower. They're so pretty.
These are some earrings that Jenn bought of the Risis Orchid.

After Far East Plaza we worked our way down the street and found some gorgeous batik sarongs, they are so gorgeous and colourful. There are so many different patterns and colours that you can get. It was unbelievable. Shopping in Singapore is nothing like we've ever seen before. We could have easily spent all of our money there.

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We have arrived!

Day 1

sunny 35 °C
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So we have arrived in Singapore! It was pretty easy since all we needed to get in was our passports. We arrived at 8:59am after a looooooooong flight from Calgary, AB. Once we landed Courtney was starving and had to get food. At the airport we had to convert currency from Canadian dollars to Singapore dollars. The exchange rate is similar to canadian dollars - for every $1.00 it is $1.3 in Singapore Dollars. While exchanging our currency the receptionist spoke English, the main language but the intercom system was broadcasting in Malay which is the national language.

We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel. The 4 of us hung around the hotel for the day, checked out some scenery, went for a walk, talked to the hotel staff and we met some cool guys from Vancouver staying at our hotel. We all had a nap because we were exhausted from the traveling. It is getting late and almost time for bed were going to watch a movie and wind down, tomorrow is going to be a long and exciting day!

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