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The Great Adventure Ends! :(

semi-overcast 26 °C

Today was a sad day, we woke up early to pack all our stuff and say goodbye! It was clear skies and sunshine, so that made it even harder to say goodbye. We made sure we all had our stuff and grabbed our bags and headed to the elevator. We checked out and thanked everyone for the excellent service at the Foothills Hostel and headed to the shuttle and waved goodbye. When we arrived at the airport it seemed busy and lots going on, it took us a while but we found the line for baggage check and everything went well for us at customs, however not so much for a fellow passenger who was abruptly escorted away by security, uh that sucks! The flight home was long and we were exhausted by the time we entered customs at the Calgary airport. It was most definitely a fabulous trip and we all decided that it was worth the second trip sometime in the future. We all made it home with memories of our great adventure to Singapore!

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Things we learned along the way :)

sunny 29 °C

We learned a lot on our trip to Singapore, we met a lot of great people that helped us out along the way and taught us about their wonderful culture.
Some things you have to remember when visiting Singapore is that family is a very important part of Singaporean culture. The people value family above the individual.
When meeting people in Singapore, the younger generation will shake your hand but the older generation will not. The older generation tends to bow when meeting you and the elders are introduced first. You must remember that elders are held to the utmost respect.
You have to remember that there are many different cultures living in Singapore and that some cultures are not able to shake your hand, such as Muslim women. The more traditional way to greet a Muslim is to place your right hand over your heart. When dealing with Chinese, it is usually acceptable to shake hands. However, if you’re not sure how to greet someone a bow will do.
When entering a home in Singapore, it is polite to take off your shoes outside before stepping in the door. You have to be very careful about your feet placement when sitting because it is rude to face the bottoms of your feet to a person. Be sure to sit with your feet flat against the floor.
You also have to be very careful about pointing. It is considered extremely rude to point with your index finger at someone in Singapore, always be sure to use a thumb or just don’t point at all.
And for all you smokers out there; DON’T SMOKE IN PUBLIC. It is considered taboo and can be punishable by jail!
Also, never chew or give away gum in public and NEVER litter.
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER talk about religion or politics.
Basically, be polite and you’ll do fine! :)

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Merlion Fountain Adventure

sunny 27 °C

Today we woke up refreshed and ready for the second last day of our awesome adventure! We decided to go and see the Merlion Fountain, it’s a fountain that’s has the head of a lion and the body of a fish, it looks quite cool, I (Joelle) was pretty excited anyway ha-ha. So we preceded to head down to Merlion park o see the statue. We took the MRT down, and what a lovely day it turned out to be, a nice 27C with clear skies and slight humidity.
We got to the fountain and it was cool looking it was white and had a scaly fish body and head of a lion, Jo said it was like that because Its name combines "mer" meaning the sea and "lion". The fish body comes from Singapore's ancient name back when it was a fishing village Temasek meaning "sea town" in Javanese. The lion head represents Singapore's original name Singapura meaning "lion city" or "kota so after the history lesson and picture taking of the fountain we decided that it was time for lunch. For lunch we headed over to the boat quay not far from the fountain which is an area full of restaurants bars and cafés, we sat down to have lunch at one of the restaurants and had some sushi and it was amazing even Jenn liked it and she hates seafood!
After that amazing lunch we took the rest of the day to shop around and find any last minute souvenirs of our serenity in Singapore. That night we went back to hotel and had a few drinks in the lounge and said our goodbyes of this magnificient city!
Merlion Fountain

Merlion Fountain

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To Little India and China Town we go!!!!

overcast 25 °C

So our sleep in the hostel wasn’t as pleasant as we thought it was gunna be!! Courtney woke up to something crawling up her leg so Jo ran to flick the lights and it was a giant cockroach!! By this time all 4 of us were yelling and screaming jumping on the bed, terrified to fall back to sleep. When we eventually fell back to sleep, morning came too fast. It was around 8:00am and we needed to start our busy day. Courtney was not impressed with this insect in our room so we notified the staff immediately and they gave us a free night if we chose to stay. We don’t have all the money in the world so this didn’t seem like too bad of a deal. We grabbed some food from the buffet and headed out.
Singapore is known for a few of their ethnic areas so today was the day to check them out!! Little India was located right close to our hostel so we decided to just hoof it there. Serangoon Road is the main commercial thoroughfare in Little India. It has the Tekka mall, little india arcade, a plaza and the Mustafa Centre. There is soo much to see and do in Little India, the architecture was absolutely breathtaking it was a very colorful atmosphere. We stopped at a jewelry stand which had hand crafted necklaces which we all bought. They are our Singapore friendship necklaces! We also ran into a market which was selling bug nets! Of course we each bought one, no cockroaches were touching us tonight!! We really enjoyed walking up and down the streets checking out the shops along the way and Indian culture.
This picture we took on the streets of Little India

This picture we took on the streets of Little India

This took up a good chunk of our day and we still wanted to visit Chinatown as well! It was too far for us to walk so we found a line on the MRT that took us straight there. We were really looking forward to this experience because we have a Chinatown in Calgary so it was neat to compare what Singapore’s was like. There were locals along the streets telling tourists about the history of the area. One china man explained to us that not all parts of Chinatown are Chinese. There are popular celebrations that occur yearly in Chinatown such as Chinese New Year and Mid Autumn Festival. Chinatown is the second most-visited-free access attraction in Singapore. It is quite large and lots of walking so we found a café and took a seat for awhile. It was getting dark and the gorgeous bright lights of Chinatown were starting to light up the streets. Today was a great experience but it was getting dark and the lights of the streets were starting to come on. It was time to take the MRT back to our hostel and get a good night sleep, hopefully bug free!
This is a photo we captured in China Town

This is a photo we captured in China Town

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Mount Faber!

sunny 31 °C

We thought that Sentosa Island was so awesome that we ended up spending the night there at the Amara Sanctuary Resort, which is in the middle of a tropical rainforest. It was so amazing and beautiful on the island that we had to stay a night so we could see the sunrise.
That morning, after breakfast, we took the cable car from Sentosa Island to Harbourfront Tower Two, which is back on the main island of Singapore. The cable car runs every 15 minutes, and it only cost us 6.50S$ (about 4.50CAD) to take it across. Once there, we started walking our way to Mount Faber, and we passed by this really cool little koi pond in the middle of a garden.
Mount Faber itself isn’t all that high (just over 100 m), and we chose to hike one of the nature footpaths to the top instead of taking the buses up. We found out from someone we met on the path that the top of the mountain was a pit-stop on the Amazing Race 2, and that was all it took to send us running for the summit. “Sprintin’ Jenn”and “Crazy Legs Jeanette” made it there first, with Joelle and Courtney arriving a little later, claiming they were “taking their time to enjoy the scenery”. We all ended up as winners though, as there was a bar at the top with spectacular views of the forests and the water. We sat on the patio enjoying some beverages for the afternoon, before making the trek back down and heading to the MRT station.
We took the MRT from Harbour Front station on the North East line. On the island we were told a great place to stay in central Singapore is a little hostel called Foothills Hostel, located near a few popular ethnic areas, so we decided to head that direction.

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